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Nevertheless he needs some way of showing how he can be tough. A dust up with Canada about lumber is probably a safe fight to pick. The lumber business is worth a fraction of the overall trade with Canada and set against so much shared history and thousands of miles of border, it's hardly likely to undermine US-Canadian relations on its own. However it doesn't auger well for a smooth renegotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement if that's really what President Trump wants. What is the response? Canada vows Canada|Climbing Chalk it will "vigorously defend" the interests of Canada's softwood lumber industry, including through litigation. Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a joint statement that Canada "disagrees strongly" with what they called "an unfair and punitive duty". Mr Trudeau said on Tuesday that "you cannot thicken this border without hurting people on both sides of it". Susan Yurkovich, president of the British Columbia Lumber Trade Council, said in a statement that "these duties are unwarranted, and this determination is completely without merit". Soon after that deal expired, the US lumber industry petitioned Washington to impose duties on softwood lumber imports. In 2002, the US imposed those tariffs.

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